SLG Montessori?

SLG Montessori has a unique faculty, specialized in the field of Teacher Training & Skill Development for managing students, enabling teachers with break-through techniques & process design systems.

SLG Montessori being an association of experts in training & skill development fields, provides customized, live, flexible need-based training through programs designed based on real-time situations in the organizational environment.

Why Train With Us?

  • You’ll be part of a team from the very start, receiving intensive support from experienced teachers and mentors, which means you won’t be teaching classes unsupported until the school thinks you’re ready.

  • You will be trained in a highly supportive environment to develop the rigour, professional knowledge, and skills necessary for the delivery of creative, purposeful and challenging teaching and learning.

  • The training programme in SLG MONTESSORI will also be overseen by an experienced Teaching & Learning Coordinator, ensuring access to a comprehensive professional development programme throughout the year; including key training sessions ranging from behaviour management to collaborative learning strategies.

  • You will be assigned a subject mentor in SLGM who will work alongside you on a day-to-day basis. Our mentors are highly skilled in coaching, effective classroom observation and providing accurate and timely feedback.

About Us